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to download $file (".ceil($bytesize/pow(1024,2))."mb)

"; if ($row["siteurl"]!="") { print "
Thanks to ".$row["sitename"]." for mirroring this file!
"; } // Decrement available for the site @$res=mysql_query("UPDATE mir_Sites SET available=available-$bytesize WHERE ID=".$row["ID"]." AND allotted<>999"); // Increment accesses for the site @$res=mysql_query("UPDATE mir_Sites SET accesses=accesses+1 WHERE ID=".$row["ID"]); // Increment accesses for the file @$res=mysql_query("UPDATE mir_Files SET accesses=accesses+1 WHERE UCASE(filename)=UCASE('$file')"); $found=true; // so we don't show any more links } } } } ?>

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