Petra Albums Featuring John Schlitt
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Petra Farewell
2005, Inpop Records

Jekyll & Hyde
Spanish Version

2003, Inpop Records
Jekyll & Hyde
2003, Inpop Records
2001, Inpop Records
Double Take
2000, Word Records
God Fixation
1998, Word Records
Petra Praise 2
1997, Word Records
No Doubt
1995, Word Records
Wake Up Call
1993, Word Records
Petra En Albanza
1992, Word Records
Unseen Power
1991, Word Records
Beyond Belief
1990, Word Records
Petra Praise:
The Rock Cries Out

1989, Word Records
On Fire
1988, Star Song Records
This Means War!
1987, Star Song Records
Back to the Street
1986, Star Song Records