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    Created by Ron Braun    
    Created by Anderson de Souza Couto:    

Jekyll & Hyde Cartoon, flash animation (700kb)

    Created by Brian Berry:    
Star Wars:
This Means
  John and Louie
guest star
on the Simpsons
Cover Art
John Schlitt
Action Figure
  Bob Hartman
Action Figure
  Ronny Cates
Action Figure
  John Lawry
Action Figure
  Louie Weaver
Action Figure
Pete Orta
Action Figure
  Greg X. Volz
Action Figure
  Petra Snaps   Super-
  Winamp Skin
by Ezequiel


John Schlitt
Credit Card
By: Brian Berry
Bob Hartman
Credit Card
By: Brian Berry
Louie Weaver
Credit Card
By: Brian Berry
On Fire
Credit Card
By: Brian Berry
Created by Daniel Espino (Charly) of Mexico

Miscellaneous Funny Pix

Bob & John - BUSTED!
By: Julie Sturgeon
Valiant Men in Blue
By: David Gamble
Agents Hartman & Schlitt
By: Julie Sturgeon
John at the
World Cup!
By: Luis Antonio
Gálvez Valle
Your friendly
By: Bert Wikkerink
John stars as
By: Luis Antonio
Gálvez Valle
Petra Tour Bus
By: David Gamble
Petra Caricature
By: Leandro Lemos
  "John in Saudi Arabia"
by Julie Sturgeon
By Martin Cantone

Desktop Wallpapers:

by Alejandro Soria A.


Download zip file
Created by
Abigail Nyquist (age 9)




Revival icons
Inpop Records
          Revival icons
thanks to
Dan Abbey

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                                                                             Created by Curt Jones:


Schlittinator 2 - Judgement Day for the Enemy!   John showing
us his "Two-step."
  Anakin Schlitt-walker?

Admiral James T. Schlitt   Captain James T. Schlitt   Elvis Schlitt

Obi-John Kinobe   Stayin Alive, with DORLA   New Jedi Order - Obi-Q-Kenobi and Greg Windu


    Vitória, daughter of
Rev. Rodrigo de Lima Ferreira


Funny Re-written Song Lyrics:

Thanks to Scott Miller (aka RockMe), for his unique sense of humor!
Another lesser-known original version--the version Bob abandoned when he decided to go the fruit route.
  In the tradition of En Alabanza and in the spirit of POD, Petra announces their next album: Petra in Ebonics. Here is an excerpt, the Ebonic version of "This Means War!", which will hopefully reach those who might otherwise never hear the Word of God.
St. Augustine's Grass

Just last night I had a very strange dream
Some guy was out mowing my lawn
He was out riding 'round on my John Deere
Leaving clippings everywhere that he'd gone

I stood there staring in disbelief
As this guy continued cutting my grass
And I nearly lost it when
He waved at me on his second pass
Yes, he waved at me on his second pass (and . . .)

(Chorus) It's bugging me, how he cut the lawn
'Cause he did it wrong
Even I could see a better way
Not in circles but in straight lines
I was really glad that he didn't expect me to pay

Turns out that man was Jesus Christ
He said my lawn was just like my life
Sometimes God, out of His great love,
Has got to cut us down to size (but . . .)

(Repeat chorus)

When I woke up I knew it was just a dream
It wasn't real no matter how real it seemed
I tried so hard to get it out of my mind
But I couldn't forget no matter how hard I tried ('cause . . .)

(Repeat chorus)

The strange thing is I live in an apartment
  You Goin Down!
Based on Romans 16:20, Isaiah 14:12-15

Yo, big bad Lucy, you was da man
Props to my bro, but homie blew it
G wid cream kep jackin fo mo
Ain't straight, but you's like Stevie Wonder, foo

Why you be trippin? Man, is so wack
You and da Man was so tight
Till He sez lay off and you jock His style
Now you and da boyz gotta jet

(Chorus) You goin down --
and everybody be poppin each other (know what I'm sayin?)
Down -- and bote sides be talkin trash
You be so jacked, word up
But it's on till we all face da Man
You goin down

Then you start cop-blockin--you think you schooled im
Bustin a cap in da Man's only Son
Next thing you know, you be dissin my man Jesus
But Jesus ain't rollin out jus yet
(Repeat chorus)
Now you be runnin outta jive
Chillin till you ball out fa evah
But you still be trippin till yo last nickel bag
To wipe out da Man from da hood
(Repeat chorus)