John Schlitt




Day 11 - June 20 - Sweden

Our final report is from Halmstad by Rickard Karlsson. A BIG THANK YOU to Rickard for all his hard work with the videos and reports!

John and Ådahl arrived in Halmstad at 2 pm, and between 4-6 pm I had a very nice talk/interview with John at the hotel.

I picked up John before the rehearsal at 8 pm. He recognize the concert place, where he had played many times before with Petra and II Guys. The sound at the rehearsal was great, so also was John's voice.

After praying it was time for the concert in front of maybe 1500 people.
Ådahl did great on stage, and you could feel the Holy Spirit's presence.
John had the same setlist as the day before, plus "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered."

The crowd enjoyed the show, with a lot of jumping and singing. Great(!!) sound tonight! Perfect live mixing sound. As so many times earlier in Sweden, after the show the audience started singing "God Gave Rock'n'roll To You." ... A great concert and a perfect finish of a fantastic and very blessed tour!

Set List in Sweden:
Save Me
No Doubt
God Is Too Big
Wake The Dead (Only in Torp)
Only Men
The Grafting
Beyond Belief
Trading My Sorrows
Just Reach Out
He Came, He Saw, He Conquored (Only in Gullbranna) Jekyll & Hyde (Ralingsas and Gullbranna)






Day 10 - June 19 - Sweden

Day 9 was a free day, so we have no report. However, we do have a video blog from John on Day 10 prior to the concert in Ralingsas, Sweden, and a short report from Rickard.

When I met John he wasn't feeling very well. He slept too much on his day off, he said.

The concert was a new conference/"festival", and in an old church. The sound was not very good but the show was great, the audience was great and they really enjoyed the concert. But I still say the concert on Wednesday at Torp was the best show with John I've ever seen!

Behind the stage, the band, Ådahl and John had a good time together and it looked like John connected with the Ådahl brothers.



Both Frank and Simon joked around all the time (you'll see).

I filmed a lot of funny but also serious stuff before and after the concert, and I did a short interview with two young girls who were big fans of John.

Best songs of the evening: Save Me and The Grafting. I'm waiting for pictures from the promoter Ulf.




Day 8 - June 17 - Sweden

Day 7 was spent traveling and spending many hours in airports between Romania, Hungary and Sweden, so we have no report. Today, Day 8, John and Band have arrived in Orebro, Sweden for their first Swedish concert at Torp Fest.

Our reporter this time is Jannice, fiance of Rickard Karlsson, of Halmstad, Sweden. Rickard is a long-time Petra fan and videographer extraordinaire who will be documenting the Swedish legs of the tour, creating a long-form video for possible release.

After a six hour long roadtrip, Rickard and myself finally arrived at Torp. Now the preparations began! Rickard was all over the place and I could tell he was very excited :-)

Since the band arrived at 5 am that morning, they were very tired and stayed at the hotel for as long as they could. They arrived just in time for the sound check. I stood in the background and saw John and Rickard discuss the film for a while. After that John and his band did their soundcheck, and I was blown away by John's voice.

I live with a big PetHead, so I've heard most of their songs and have seen a lot of concert footage, etc; and I've noticed that in the last couple of years John's voice sometimes sounded a bit "worn out." But I tell you what, in my opinion, he now sings better than ever! ;-)

At 10 pm the concert kicked off with Ådahl. They were very good! I was impressed by the band and by Frank's amazing soul voice.

At 11:05 pm John entered the stage in front of 1000-1500 Swedes. He had a great opening number, and then he introduced every song with a story and a message. When he sang No Doubt, it almost brought me to tears. Once again I have to give credit to the band; they were awesome and they helped John to do his very best.

Other songs I enjoyed very much were Only Men, Beyond Belief and Just Reach Out. When they did Wake The Dead, a little girl started to dance like crazy in front of the stage, to John's delight!
John is very charming and also funny, so we (the audience) had a GREAT time! :-)

I took some pictures during the concert, that I'll attach to you in the next email.

I'm looking forward to see the other shows!





Day 6 - June 15 - Romania

Dear John fans from all over the world, here you have the news from day 3 of what is happening with John and his band on tour in Romania. You already know who I am but I would like to mention for the last time our promoting team who has the following members: Filip Faragau, Sebi Capota, David Gheorghita, Raul Gadalean, Nelu Hurducas and Emi Puschita.

As you may imagine the night before was a small appetizer for what was to come in the main evening. John and the band were excited about the reaction of the crowd at the small hotel concert, which has boosted our confidence for the next show.

Before the show, the guys took a walk in downtown Cluj, a very nice area with old buildings a lot of churches. The promoting team was under big pressure as the setup of the sound system was delayed due to some bureaucracy matters, but John the the guys from the band were very supporting in that matter - which was a true relief for us.

The show started one hour late, but this did not destroy the crowd's appetite for the show, which was meant to be an evening for encouraging and enjoying a good time in the presence of the Lord. So no wonder the evening started with the lecture of Psalm 23!

The opening band, Aer Curat (Clean Air), received a warm welcome and they played four songs. Then, another small break for some small settings for John's band, and the boys from the band entered the stage but without John.

At this point, the host of the show (presenter) together with John had been a setting up the audience for a practical joke (farce) with the purpose of heating up the crowds.

The joke went like this:

John was hidden off stage with a wireless microphone, and the host introduced John, and very short and abruptly asked the crowds to give him a warm welcome.

They welcomed John in a very good way and even that could have been already enough. Anyway, John did not show up and the host said, "it seems we have a problem, we cannot not find John." The crowd already figured out we were up to something so they started to smile.

Then the host went to Simon Adahl, one of the guitarists, and asked if he saw John. Simon said he did not see him; maybe he was at the hotel or elsewhere? Then the host asked Anders, the bass guitar player, if he saw John. Anders said: "John who?"

They joked about the name, adding also John Wayne or Travolta, but the point is that nobody saw John.

Then the host pretended he was calling John on the cellular:
Host: "Hi John, where are you?"
John: "Hi, I am in a shopping mall, enjoying my Startbucks coffee!"
Host: "It is not possible, you have a concert tonight!"
John: "No, I do not, I had one last night!"
Host: "But you have one tonight too, I have 800 people waiting for you here."
John: "I do not believe you."
Host: "Do you want to hear them?"
John: "Yes!"
Host (to the crowds): "Let's make some noise to convince John we are here!"
(the crowds went very loud, clapping, screaming, etc)
Host: "Did you hear that, John?"
John: "No, I did not, it seems to be a kind of a recording..."
Host (to the crowds): "Let's go even louder!"
(the crowd went nuts, encouraged by the host)
Host: "Did you hear something John?"
John: "Yes, I did!"
Host: "Do you want me to send you a helicopter to bring you here?"
John: "Yes, do so."

At this point the sound of the helicopter was heard and John shows up on the stage, welcomed by a really loud crowd of 800 people, and the show began...

The songs played were:

Save Me (Unfit for Swine)
Gravity (The Grafting)
No Doubt (No Doubt - Petra)
God Is Too Big (Unfit for Swine)
Show Me The Way (Shake)
The Grafting (The Grafting)
Wake The Dead (Shake)
Only Men (The Grafting)
Beyond Belief (Beyond Belief - Petra)
Light On (The Grafting)
Face of God (The Grafting)
Just Reach Out (Wake Up Call - Petra)
Trading My Sorrows (Vertical Expressions - II Guys from Petra)
Lord Reign (Vertical Expressions - II Guys from Petra)
He Came, He Saw, He Conquered (This Means War - Petra)
Encore Jekyll and Hyde
Blessed Be Your Name (Vertical Expressions - II Guys from Petra)

Needless to say that when Beyond Belief was performed the reaction was like the one we had in the previous night, but multiplied by a lot of people!
Despite the fact the the entire hall had seats, most of the people were not using them at all on the whole concert, except when John asked the audience to sit. The longest period when the chairs were used was during John's testimony, which touched a lot of hearts.

One of the highlights of the evening was after the first encore when the band showed up on the stage again. At this point the host asked that the wives of the men in the promoting team to come up on the stage, and each woman received the Romanian flag which was put as a huge scarf on the shoulder of each player (including the sound guy). The audience was very happy and John and the guys really touched. Then the host lead all the audience in a prayer with all the people repeating the words of the prayer like a human echo. The prayer was a big Thank You to the Lord for having John here, for the good things Lord has done into our lives through Petra and John's music.

The concert ended with Blessed Be Your Name with the crowds still clapping a long time after John and the band left the stage.
After 10 minutes John went outside of his room and had a 45 minute session with autographs and pictures, so no one who wanted these was disappointed.

The promoting team received a lot of calls the next day after the concert and all the people were delighted after such a special night.



Day 5 - June 14 - Romania

I am sending you the report from Day 5 in Romania, the 14th of June.

Dear John Fans from all over the world: Here you have the news from day 2 in Romania of what is happening with the John and Adahl tour. You already know who I am but I would like to mention once again our promoting team who has the followowing members: Filip Faragau, Sebi Capota, David Gheorghita, Raul Gadalean, Nelu Hurducas and Emi Puschita.

The boys had a well deserved sleep so they started the day in very good shape and ready for the rehearsal which took place in a production hall, so the environment look very industrial and the guys liked that.

We were amazed by the chemistry between John and Adahl's band and their desire to serve the audience by performing a very high quality show. The band rehearsed for almost six hours and John around five hours, all knowing that tonight they will put on a show.

When they arrived in Cluj, Adahl was not too prepared for an unplugged experience but the guys took the challenge and made all the adjustments on the way, and boy, they delivered!!

Talking about tonight's show, it was meant to be a special concept with an audience of no more than 120 people in the hotel’s restaurant - therefore the guys were very close to the audience. Needless to say, that in the intermission all the people enjoyed free food, drinks and the chance to talk to the artists.

The evening began with the song Gravity, and it did not take more than two seconds for the crowd to get connected with John. After that, John and the band were invited to leave the stage as we made them a very interesting surprise, consisting of a string quartet who played the following songs:
No Doubt, Meet With Me and Carry On.

Telling that John was touched is a big understatement, as he was really melting under the emotional wave that hit him. The quartet actually prepared for the wedding of Emi which will take place two weeks from now, but he asked the group to prepare in advance for this evening and they did it in a big way.

John continued with No Doubt, Save Me and The Grafting, then Simon Adahl played a special song dedicated to Romania, a song which resonated with the hearts of the audience.

The intermission took its stake from the show, and you bet the artists were surrounded by the people from the audience. After the intermission Simon Adahl and band played another song in punk style and the crowd enjoyed it too.

John was back on the stage when the first strains of Beyond Belief were heard. All of a sudden the crowd jumped up like they were driven by some invisible spring set on chairs! It seems like the crowd talked before the concert to sing this song together, so they will spare John the singing the chorus, and they did! John was overwhelmed by the reaction to that song, joking that this is is supposed to be an unplugged event for sophisticated people so everybody should sit!

The show ended with Just Reach Out and God is Too Big, and then time was made for some questions from the audience.
Considering that not even one word was translated from English to Romanian as everybody understood English, the artists felt at ease when talked to the public, especially John who shared with us a lot of funny but in the meantime important stuff from life.

Again, stayed tuned for the main event tomorrow night, when at least 500 people are confirmed based on the tickets sales.

In His Name from Romania,
Calin & The Team



Day 4 - June 13 - Romania

John's arrival in Romania is told by Calin Valean, part of the team of promoters in Cluj.

Dear John Fans from all over the world: here you have the first news from the John Schlitt and Adahl tour in Romania. My name is Calin Valean and I am also reporting on behalf of our promoting team who has the followowing members: Filip Faragau, Sebi Capota, David Gheorghita, Raul Gadalean, Nelu Hurducas and Emi Puschita.

Our team is basically made of Petra fans, and we were praying and hoping for this moment many, many years ago. Our thoughts are that may God use this event to challenge the hearts of people who do not know Him and strengthen the spirits of His followers.

It seems that today was meant to be a day of thrills for John and the guys as they were about to miss the plane in Germany, and they had to wait a bit longer in Timisoara airport due to a unfortunate communication error.

Our two drivers picked John and Adahl guys from the Timisoara airport and brought them safe to Cluj after a 5 hour trip. They arrived here at 7 p.m. and it was a real relief for us to see John and Adahl so supportive, even after such a long and exhausting day. A big thank you also for our drivers who had to drive about 10 hours without having the benefits of highways.

Just as a fact, Cluj is located in the heart of Transylvania, a historical region of Romania, famous for a character whose name is not worth mentioning here.

We had the dinner together and made some general planning for the next day; when the rehearsal will take place in the morning and during the evening when there will be an intimate concert in a very nice restaurant, with an audience of no more than 100 people.

John was very happy with the performance of the band and he confessed he is very confident for the next performances. As you may imagine, even preparing for a small concert it takes a lot of preparation, but we are happy that with the God`s help we managed to it pretty well.

However, the main event will take place Monday evening, and as our fellows in Germany we are expecting 1000 people. But until Monday evening stay tuned to John’s website to receive fresh news.

In His Name from Romania,
Calin & The Team



Day 4 - June 13 - Germany

On the way to the airport to catch a plane for Romania... courtesy of Artur Kruger of Bielefeld, Germany.

On the way to the airport I missed the right exit from highway and drove too far. Nobody realized it except for me. And my heart went like: how can I cover this mistake so nobody would see? Besides we were in a bad hurry to get the plane.

So I took a later exit and tried to find a way and give the band the feeling that I know what I am doing. But faced with the fact that they might miss their flight, I had to confess that I made a mistake.

So I asked the band to pray because we are not on the right way and time is short. I had to apologize that I missed the sign that I believed was the false one because of the foolish pride in me.

But the band members went into prayer and the Lord showed a different way to the airport, which took us not very long. We got there in time, I think, because nobody called me on my cellphone. Hopefully the brothers are on their way to Romania.

I learned a lot about what the family of God is supposed to be like: to carry the burden of one another. And they did.
I am deeply impressed by these men of God. No word of accusation but instead words of encouragement and blessing.

I miss you guys. We miss you. Dwelling with you was a piece of glory. Take blessings with you around the world, wherever you will serve!!!



Day 3 - June 12 - Germany

Reporting on the first concert held in Bielefeld is Artur Kruger.

Report of Friday night, the Day of Fire!

We are just overwhelmed by the grace and love and creativity of our heavenly Father. He did not do what we believed he would, but HE did better like HE always does!

In fact, when I searched myself and the reason I prayed for so many people to attend it was for the money to pay all our debts for this evening, and that's not the right and pure attitude for a concert where the LORD is supposed to dwell.

So, to be honest, the Father pulled less people than what I prayed for.
When I realized this my heart was disappointed, but the members of the band took me aside at that moment and prayed for me that I may find fresh water in the desert I was in. And so Jesus answered that prayer. He led us into HIS presence, into attitudes of praise, and in His name we were taken to proclaim the victory of the cross. HE came, HE saw, HE conquered death and hell!!!

We talked to lots of people after the concert and there were many hearts touched by the loving hand of God. Please keep in prayer for those! And please pray that the LORD goes with the band and pours out even more blessings on them and the audiences in Romania and Sweden!

Dear brothers and sisters who support this ministry, the prayer is our Secret Weapon, remember? So use it together with us to bring a annihilating defeat to the kingdom of hell.



Below is a report from Karin Juneau, a long-time German Petra fan who attended the concert in Bielefeld.

As an old PETRA fan I was more than excited to finally see John in concert again!

We traveled to Bielefeld by car, and got there early enough to catch places in the front row as soon as the doors opened up.

First the German band "Urija" played, and they really sounded good, but I was to anxious to see John so it was hard to give them the proper attention.

Then John and his band appeared on stage and it was like a dream that came true!

When he opened with "No Doubt" I had tears in my eyes. It was so perfect! The band was great and John was INCREDIBLE!!!

"Wake The Dead," "Keep Your Light On," and "Jekyll & Hyde" were just some of the fantastic songs that kept me dancing. And "Beyond Belief" and "He Came, He Saw, He Concered" found everybody singing! When John sang my favorite song "Only Men," I was almost in tears again.

It was a fantastic concert!! John was amazing ....as always!!!! I loved it!!!
We love you John!!! We love your music and your ministry!!!! Come back to Germany soon !!!!!!!

Karin Juneau



Day 2 - June 11 - Germany

Today's report is again from promoter Artur Kruger, who held a special worship service tonight in Bielefeld, Germany. John participated by sharing his testimony and adding a bit of vocals to the night's music.

Friday's concert is being held at the University of Bielefeld; there had been some issues as to what area the rehearsal was going to be held in. It's apparent from the blog below that the Lord took care of the problem!

We (as the concert organizers) met today with a pastor of a local church to pray for the day, especially for the worship and testimony evening with John.

We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the meeting. We prayed that the lecture room, which we will use tomorrow as part of the venue for the concert, would be empty the whole day. There was a long lecture planned in the room from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but that would bring us and the band big trouble for practicing and building up for the night.

So we prayed that the professor would change to another room in the university and when we ended the prayer we checked the emails - guess what! The professor said he would go to another room. Isn't God good and sovereign? YES, He always is!!!

The evening came and we prayed that Jesus would have his way. John's testimony was powerfull and we prayed that people's hearts would get changed.

John sang the chorus to "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" together with the assembly, which we all really appreciated. It is good to know that we will sing this or a similar song together in eternity! We hope that many of the people that will come tomorrow night to the concert will be there in heaven too.

Please pray with us for a 1000 concert listeners tomorrow. That's what we asked from the Lord.

Brothers and sisters all over the world: fight with us for a tremendous spiritual victory tomorrow!!!



Day 1 - June 10 - Germany

Our report today is from promoter Artur Kruger, who met John at the airport in Frankfurt and made all the arrangements for the next few days.

The airplane from Detroit to Frankfurt, Germany, where John was in, landed about 15 minutes earlier than it should have. So everything went more properly than we hoped. John was very tired after that trip, but we had a very nice time to talk anyway.

When we arrived in Bielefeld, the hotel room was not empty or clean yet, so we decided that John could have a little nap at my parents house. So he did. Afterwards we drove to the hotel again and John got his well deserved place to rest.

In the evening we met again to talk some things over about the concert. It was a great pleasure to feel unity in the spirit. We prayed that Jesus might have his way with the concert and everything. Finally we prayed that the venue will be empty the whole day so we can build up the backline for rehearsal in this room, which will guarantee a more effective band practice. Please unite with us in prayer for this aim!

Best regards,




After months of planning and hard work, the tour with John Schlitt and Adahl kicks off in Bielefeld, Germany on Friday, June 12, followed by two dates in Romania and three in Sweden!

John is flying to Frankfurt this week, and we will be updating you with news of the tour - complete with photos, videos and blogs!

So keep checking back on JohnWSchlitt.com for daily updates... let the tour begin!