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Without any doubt, this single band opened doors to the music style that has been one of the most listened to in the last years, and though the first "modern worship" sparks started with this band, they didn’t received much credit in this contemporary moving of the Holy Spirit in the youth.

After four years since their last contemporary praise and worship album "Petra Praise II: We Need Jesus," Petra comes back with their third production of this genre.

We are talking about "Revival," a similar style like "Delirious" or "Tree 63," leaving behind their characteristic "metal" style, to offering a more electronic production and close to alternative rock in Petra’s own style.

We gotta mention that with these changes, there is a new line-up of the band: like an excellent surprise, Bob Hartman comes back to the guitars (what ya think of that?); John Schlitt and Louie Weaver continue as members of the band; and as an incredible extra, joining Petra are two ex-integrals of the original Sonicflood line-up (without even mentioning it, at the moment you listen to the CD - you would know it).

Selling tips:

Petra is one of the most recognized Christian bands in the last 25 years.

They appeared with the Christian generation of the ‘80s that was looking to get out of the traditional molds, but in time they became the example band of all of the contemporary music movement.

Every young Christian knows and has bought Petra CD’s, since they have become one of the classics groups of Christian music.

With Sonicflood’s ex-musicians and Bob Hartman’s return to the band, we believe this is one of Petra’s best CDs.

- (News catalog from Piedra Angular record company, Mexico, November- December 2001. January 2002, page 11)